Spectrum internet reachability?

Hi, I have reports from people using Spectrum Internet US that they can’t access our site after migration to a different service. I now know that they can update to google’s DNS and then everything works again but for some reason spectrum’s own DNS is not updated with the correct new server IP. My site is running through cloudflare.

I feel I can’t really ask customers to fiddle around in their DNS system, that’s way too technical so what is the best way to solve this? Spectrum internet is not really reachable if you don’t have an account with them and they do not respond to messages on e.g. social media

I’m on Spectrum. What’s the domain?

Thanks, that would be https://www.retrokits.com

Yep, definitely not resolving correctly through Spectrum DNS. It’s returning a 127.0.0 address.

How long has your domain been on Cloudflare?

Hard to say exactly but it would be somewhere beginning of august, definately not like a 24h thing