Spectrum GB Transferred

We got an invoice about Spectrum GB Transferred in an amount surpassing our annual plan payments. We don’t use Spectrum (I don’t even know what it is). Any thoughts? Could this random invoice be due to the billing issue CF is having? It is really making our accounting team frustrated.

I submitted a ticket, but crickets so far.

You’ll have to wait until the billing team gets back to you. When did you create the ticket?

In the meantime, can you check at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/spectrum (select your domain) if you have any Spectrum applications? It is rather curious that you should get an invoice for something you are not using.

Early Thursday, but with the holiday I’m guessing things are backed up. When I clicked on the link you sent, this is what I see:

With the holiday and weekend, you’ll just have to be a bit more patient I guess :wink:

Still, curious. Despite the current billing problems, this is the first I’ve seen of someone receiving an invoice for a product they don’t use.

Can you just check https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log and see if there were any recent Spectrum changes made to your account?

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Hahaha I’m trying, but our accounting team is getting flustered about an unknown, very large charge on an important business credit card - obviously, I’m taking the brunt of that.

I checked the logs and nothing about Spectrum is mentioned throughout the entire month of March. Also, the fact the invoice came in on March 27 is odd in and of itself. Most invoices would be monthly, right?

I hope it gets remedied soon! It has shaken my trust in CF a bit.

Further, I checked the billable usage tab for March (so previous month) and still nothing:

Could you kindly DM me the ticket number ?

Thank you

I don’t think I can DM, but here it is: 3203214

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I wanted to chime-in with a “me too” here, and found this thread searching the web for what the heck “Spectrum GB Transferred” is. Like op, my account shows “No applications configured”, and the account audit log makes no mention of anything “spectrum”. My invoice is dated 2 April, for the period 2 Feb - 1 April, though the filename is “cloudflare-invoice-1970-01-01.pdf” (Unix epoch).

I plan to open my own billing ticket to investigate, and it’s my hope that this public “me too” might assist the community in identifying whether this is a widespread issue.


Well I’m glad I’m not alone! So sorry you’re experiencing this too Bryce. My invoice is also dated for 1970-01-01, so likely the same issue. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. Our accounting team is up in arms that we continue to have to field this payment…

I guess I should count myself lucky – the amount for our invoice was $0 so nobody’s really upset, we’re just left wondering “where did this come from?”

One other interesting bit was that the invoice number started “IN” where every other invoice from Cloudflare I could find started “CF”.

Update on my experience: I received a prompt response from billing support saying this was expected.

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare Billing support.

As shared in our status page, we are currently going through a system migration, and as part of this process, your invoice format is also being updated:

  • Your invoice number will change from CF-XXXX to IN-XXXX
  • You might observe a $0 bill during this migration
  • You might get an one-time invoice with 1970-01-01 as its filename, which will be updated after the migration.

If you observe any of the above, you should not worry about that particular invoice, as it’s implying that your account is going through this system’s migration process, and all of your Billing details will resume going forward.

I hope that helps to clarify and thank you for your understanding.

I don’t see any mention of the specific “symptoms” on that status page, not to mention that event was concluded nearly 2 weeks ago so I don’t see why/how I would’ve connected the two. But at least I have an answer.

Best of luck with your billing issue!

Hi All,
@communications6 @hkrishnan we have the exact same issue I have opened ticket number 9 days ago Ticket NO: 3197960 but do not have any updates as yet .
We paid in full for our annual plan last year on Nov 23rd 2023, and March 27th 2024 we have received and invoice exactly the same as mentioned here, saying “Spectrum GB Transferred - Yet we do not use any Spectrum Apps via Cloudflare” - Something appears to have gone very wrong here with the recent billing system upgrade. Our accounts and management teams are now also getting involved as this is close to 3800 dollars AUD that has been taken from our account. Really hoping we all get some answers soon here as to what is going on - We have been using Cloudflare Premium for over a year now without issues until now.

Hmm yep sounds similar to us. For managing such an amazing IT platform, Cloudflare is really struggling on the customer interaction part. @bryce.chidester I didn’t see that part in the status page either. It looks to me there is minimal talking done internally.

My ticket said the billing engineering team is now looking into it, so fingers crossed it gets resolved by the end of this week. Otherwise, we will go to bank and remove this charge at that level.


I also received a bill, but my card is blocked when I don’t use it, so they couldn’t take the money.

I don’t use Spectrum, either, so it must be a bug.

The invoice is strange too:

Spectrum GB Transferred
Nov 3, 2023 - Apr 2, 2024
QTY: 0
Unit price: $1.00
Amount: 0.00
Subtotal $0.00
Total $0.00
Applied balance $5.79
Amount due $5.79 USD

I haven’t opened a ticket, I imagine they’ll sort it out soon, at worst they may block me from using Spectrum which I don’t use for non-payment of bill.

I also just received an invoice for Spectrum GB Transferred (May 9, 2023 – Apr 8, 2024) in the amount of $0.00. No idea what that is. If Cloudflare is going to send me $0.00 invoices for all the services that I’m NOT using, that’s going to be a lot of invoices and wasted effort.