Spectrum for SSH on IPv4 and IPv6

Hello everyone,

I recently got the Pro Plan and wanted to configure SSH via Spectrum. I wanted to have IPv4 and IPv6 accessibility, but I can only configure one SSH application for me. With a 2. the following error occurs:
Zone cannot create more applications for requested protocol. (Code: 11034)

This is the only thread I could find so far:

It doesn’t matter if I use a different subdomain or if I configure IPv4 or IPv6 at the second application.

I’m not entirely surprised that you can’t create more than one SSH Spectrum application per zone. It’s probably an intentional limit, as every IPv4 subdomain is unique and costs money. Yes, IPv6 would be effectively no-cost, but they probably don’t have systems in place to differentiate between the two for Spectrum on Pro/Business plans.

But you can create either IPv6 or IPv4 SSH, right? Just not both?

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Thanks for your answer.
I didn’t find anything to that point, so I wanted to ask that.

Thats correct

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