Spectrum for port 443 adn 22/21 on Business Plan, possible?

We have an FTP site( small 100 users max) that supports standard 22/21 ports but also uses 443 for FTP.
Specturm is now avialable in the pro and business plans and supports 22/21 but not 443 at the same time. We can support 443 but then 22/21 won’t work. If we support 22/21 then 443 won’t work. We were told we need to upgrade to Enterprise to get all 3, but then cost goes to $3,000/month. Does any one have a solution, were we can do this on the Business Plan?

Only Enterprise will support FTP on Spectrum, all other plans are limited to two protocols.

Protocols per plan · Cloudflare Spectrum docs

You either do choose the Enterprise plan or you skip the proxies.

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