Spectrum Billing Question (Bytes -> GB)

Hey everyone. I was looking at my billing usage for Spectrum and noticed that I have 20M bytes for the month so far. If I stand corrected, that would mean I have only used 0.02 GB, and as I am on the pro plan, I am still solid until I reach 5GB of total usage lifetime (assuming it is not monthly)?


That’s a monthly allocation. The very bottom of this page explains the billing:


Understood. That’s pretty sweet. So basically 20M bytes = .02 GB, and I get a 5GB monthly allocation/allowance free for being a Pro member, and anything additional is $1 per GB? All of that sounds correct?


Yeah, the scale is the normal bytes range… 20MB is 0.02GB, you get 5000MB a month.


Thank you! All settled. Love Spectrum!

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