Spectrum as a TCP proxy with TLS handshake happening on the origin

I have a client/server setup that uses TLS authentication. The client has a cert/key it uses for the TLS Handshake. I can connect fine when trying to connect directly with the server.

I created a spectrum app:
Application Type: TCP
Edge IP connectivity: IPv4
Edge Port: 8443
Origin IP: $SERVERIP Port: 8443
Edge TLS Termination: off
Proxy Protocols: off

When I try to connect through the spectrum app, it hangs as though it does the TCP connection but not the TLS handshake.

Originally I had an AWS classic elb in TCP proxy mode in front of the server. I was able to connect fine through it and then created the above Spectrum app to put in front of the ELB and had the same issue as above.

Is what I’m trying to do possible? If not is there another service I could use to place in front of the server that would provide DDoS protection and allow forwarding the TLS handshake to the server?