Spectrum application and a port switch from port 80

Hello all,

Please forgive me if this is not clear but I’m new to Cloudflare and DNS.

The issue I’m trying to fix is that that we have an application that runs on port 3096 so I’d like to use Spectrum so the traffic goes through Cloudflare but the application makes it’s initial connection on port 80 and then switches to port 3096.

I can create a Spectrum Application on port 3096 for the URL but then can’t get the initial http connection to work on port 80 and can’t create an A record so that the http connection will work as it conflicts with the Spectrum name.

Is there any way around this or will I have to stick with just an A record using DNS only and traffic not going via Cloudflare?


I believe (only based off of the GIFs in the product blog post) a spectrum connection can only proxy a single port. However not many users here are enterprise users and likely won’t be able to help, so it might be a good idea to contact your Cloudflare account resource for assistance.


@eva2000 Thanks for the like so I could update this. My company recently got access to Spectrum and it looks like you can add multiple ports to the same subdomain/hostname.


Sweet thanks for the update - especially for folks who don’t have Spectrum access :slight_smile:

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Really?! Didn’t seem to work last time I tried.

Only really possible by adding multiple applications, but they can all point to the same subdomain.

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Strange, but it is a while since I tried so it may be that is was added after then.