Specifying Creator ID when using TUS


When using tus, is it 'Upload-Creator': creatorId or is it 'Upload-Creator': btoa(creatorId) ?

The docs say:

Add the Creator ID via the Upload-Creator header. For more information, refer to Using tus.

But “Using tus” says nothing at all about the Upload-Creator header.

You can pass the creator value as part of the Upload-Metadata header, as explained here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/stream/uploading-videos/direct-creator-uploads/#upload-metadata-header-syntax

Here is an example code snippet which sets the creator property to test-creator (dGVzdC1jcmVhdG9y is base64 encoded string for test-creator):

We’ll update the docs to make this clearer.

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In addition to @zaid’s comment, this video will show some examples on how header values get propagated with tus creator uploads:


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