Specify PoP in fetch for a worker

Is it possible to specify the PoP/colo in the fetch request, from which it should be served? I want a client with a certain jwt to only hit the PoP/colo where it was created.

I can’t think of a single feature that lets you zero in on a single POP. If that POP goes offline, that feature would break.

But is it possible?

No. No. No.

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My bad :pensive:.

What is the reasoning exactly that you would like this? You should never really depend on a single location ever, things go down and things have issues.

If you were storing this in something like KV, it can be accessed from any colo and that should be fine. You can check things like IP to make sure it’s from the requester you want


yeah you are probably right. I was perhaps thinking about implementing my own distributed KV.

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