Specify AnyCast servers to use when using


When using as DNS, it seems the servers being used are also located in the same country as the IP location. At least that is the case for me.

For further improving privacy, I am wondering how I can connect, as an end user, to Cloudflare DNS servers located in another country, that is nearby, to not increase the latency too much as well.

Thank you.

To help us help you, try following this guide (the section in which you are not able to connect, even though this is not the exact case):

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All of the servers are managed by Cloudflare in Cloudflare infrastructure. The location (Country) doesn’t have an impact on privacy.

I didn’t explain it very well, but he should probably have a POP in his country…

I’ll take a stab at this well from a different angle. :hocho: (Oh…that’s called a “hocho” knife)

The OP mentions Latency. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is a caching name server, just like how Cloudflare POPs are caching servers for websites. Use the nearest you for best performance. Not that you can change which server, but the default server you get is the best choice.

Well in my case errors in the routing of my ISP threw me to a farthest POP, more than double the latency! Everything could be…

Thanks for the replies. It is good to know that all servers in the infrastructure are managed by Cloudflare.

However, there is weird stuff going on around here, that is beyond my and your control. It would be great if the DNS queries can go through a server located in a different country. Some increase in latency is fine.

That is not possible unfortunately, unless you use a VPN, because as it has been previously said they are an any cast network, the “closest” POP always replies, especially with

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