Specifiy cloudflared region


Is there a way to specify the region to Asia?

My server is in Hong Kong but it connects to other places which makes it slow.

I’ve tried --region=hk but it’s not working.

What if region to asia? Anyway I don’t have a list of supported values for this parameter, so I’m just guessing.


ERR Error looking up Cloudflare edge IPs: the DNS query failed error=“lookup _asia-origintunneld._tcp.argotunnel.com: dnsquery: DNS name does not exist.”

Ther should be a list somewhere

Seems the thing is based on an SRV record. There neither is hk nor asia. Heck, there ain’t even eu.
:us: all the way, yiiiiiiiha :cowboy_hat_face: :wink:

Documented you say? Na, who does documentation in IT :wink:

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It would be good to get an official response!


The only region you can force today is us for FIPS compliance needs.

Otherwise, you connect to our anycast network which will pick the 2 closest locations to you based on the network state.


But if i wan’t my data to stay in Germany for example, what should i do?

Can i somehow force the Anycast Network to choose specific Locations for example by blocking the other IPs or adjusting the routing?

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You’ll want to talk to an enterprise account representative to see if that is a service they are willing to provide and and based on your inputs what it will cost.

Could you maybe give me a direct contact i could message? (via PM)

Thank you!

You’d need to contact them to be directed to the correct resource, they have regional and segment based account teams.

https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/enterprise/contact/ you’d need to describe what service(s) and what localization restrictions you’re interested in to see if they are something Cloudflare even offers (or would be willing to offer) in your country / geo for a given set of services.

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