specific wildcard

in one of our projects, we need to use a specific wildcard in DNS records.
but this method does not work in the cloudflare service, how can we solve this problem?

That’s correct. A mid-record wildcard entry is not a supported record type. You could use either *.app.example.com with a dedicated certificate to cover the 3rd level domain name or you could individually create the records needed as the app instances are created (either manually or using the API/Terraform).

I understand, but we have many subdomains (~250) and cloudflare has a limit on DNS records. Now we are trying to find a beautiful solution.

Changing the scheme going forward to a supported one for wildcards would be the most straightforward. The pro plan or above would support 10x+ your current records. At the business or enterprise plan level additional accommodations may be available intherms of record volume.

The other advantage to specific records is they could take advantage of other Cloudflare features such as the WAF which is otherwise only supported for proxied :orange: wildcard records on the Enterprise plan.

thank you, we will consider this option

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