Specific Web Pages load slowly

Specific web pages load very slowly with DNS proxied, but everything else works fine. Tested my main page and subsequent other forums and loads in 1-3 seconds. However, logging in and clicking certain nodes, takes 15+ seconds. With proxied off, and DNS only, the website works properly. Any settings that might cause this issue? Its XenForo forum

If you could post a link to those GTMetrix tests, that would really help.

It’s interesting that the top image has a better PageSpeed score. The bottom one is actually more worrying. Some pages, just delay loading some items, thus increasing the Fully Loaded Time, but First Paint time is acceptable.

@mikeydtkd I can’t see the full link from your screenshot, but I found that there might be some redirect or script issue at your search result url.

This is one of my search of the keyword from your screenshot

and I have result of 2 similar links

the first link is https://aeroforcegaming.com/home/steam-cloud-play-enters-beta.66 which will redirect to third link https://aeroforcegaming.com/threads/steam-cloud-play-enters-beta.129/ (takes 12 seconds to load)

if you directly browse the 3rd link then it loaded up within 2 seconds. Hope it gives you some clue to fine tune your script.

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So here, I used a different post as an example of how this occurs.

The first is directly clicked on in the link, the second is on the sidebar. This isn’t limited to post redirects from the sidebar as well. Logging into the website or signing up has a long load time also. In the admin panel, I will also have a long loading time while clicking certain settings, and that has 0 redirects. It only occurs on specific things and as SOON as proxied mode is off, it works fine.

I would agree about the redirect issue, however, the issue is also present when logging in, in the admin CP, and certain nav bars. So its something specifically with Cloudflare stopping it

Also not to mention that the search bar you used to lookup the thread takes forever to do so with Cloudflare on.

As @ang1 pointed out, that redirect is killing your performance. And that redirect is coming from your server. So the question is why is your server taking so long to respond to the Cloudflare connection?

It’s also just as slow going direct to your server as it is going through Cloudflare, so it’s definitely not a Cloudflare issue.

I don’t know lemme ask the server…

All jokes aside, even without items that have redirects, for example, AdminCP, things I would click on would occur instantly, then after proxied mode it doesn’t.

Okay, so here is the EXACT same URL that is causing loading issues, but this time Cloudflare is set to DNS mode only.

Obviously the page isn’t benefitting from the features of Cloudflare and much lower rating, but load time is 2.6 seconds

In further testing, it looks like the delay is in your server closing the connection. As shown in my Curl example, going direct still takes a long time. Even in Firefox, the delay is still there in DNS-Only mode. Another curl test shows I get the header right away, but then it sits for a while before closing. Again, an 11 second load.

Ive tested your same command and test and cannot replicate that issues.

I can’t replicate it on my VPSs, but the delay I saw from your server is consistent with what you’re seeing on Cloudflare.

At this point, I suggest you open a ticket and include a link to this thread.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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