Specific TCP port/traffic for Argo?

We’re a Minecraft server looking to potentially use Argo for better peering and routing since the US East corridor seems to frequently have bad hops that nail our players trying to connect to our server.

MC is obviously a TCP heavy game; the question I have is whether it’s possible to only target specific traffic/port for Argo usage? Large volumes of data are obviously more expensive, but the vast majority of the data in/out of the server isn’t the TCP/IP Minecraft Traffic, but rather daily tasks like backing up the server (gigs of bandwidth up to AWS, for example).

Is it possible for Argo to only handle certain traffic/ports so we don’t get dinged for 90% of our traffic when 10% is the part we care most about? Or are there perhaps other solutions worth considering?


You’ll need Spectrum and an Enterprise plan for that. Argo alone wont handle Minecraft traffic either.