Specific protection for WordPress sites, especially malware detection and removal

I currently have the free plan. Does this or the other plans provide for malware scanning and removal for my WordPress site?

There are a number of security-related WordPress plug-ins that provide some features within the application, but it seems the ones I have researched require either a firewall or other password access to the server to deal with malware.

One provider, Sucuri, has an article describing how their firewall can work along with Cloudflare, but it seems to limit, or compromise, what Cloudflare can do. I’m happy with Cloudflare and am not comfortable adding another firewall from another company.

Thanks for any information.


Cloudflare doesn’t provide malware scanning capabilities. That would be a seperate service (I’ve used Wordfence, there’s others too). Wordfence does require an install on the Wordpress server, however you can disable any Firewall features if you like (or keep them enabled, up to you).

What Cloudflare does is provide anti-DDoS protection, website speedups, and WAF capabilities to help prevent network attacks and viruses on your server in the first place (they don’t scan and remove existing ones).

Thanks. That clarifies things. Looks like Wordfence is full featured, similar to Sucuri. Noticed there is some literature and discussion about using Wordfence with Cloudflare. I guess I have some homework to do before asking any more questions. Thanks again.

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