Specific DKIM record not publishing correctly

Good afternoon, I’m currently working with a client and their salesforce rep on getting 2 DKIM records published. One had no issues and is showing properly, but the second is failing and showing not published on MXToolbox. When I look at the one failing, mxtoolbox is showing the canonical name of “summer.6vqa5q.custdkim.salesforce.com” instead of what we entered which is “summer.hk68aa.6vqa5q.custdkim.salesforce.com” according to their Salesforce rep. I’m not sure why Cloudflare is adding these extra values to the target despite me not entering them, but Cloudflare support won’t assist unless the client pays for the support contract, so I’m kind of stuck in the middle here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apologies in advance for any novice questions.

This is the failing DKIM record

What is the domain for that DKIM record?

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the domain is “heartwoodva.com

The odd response is due to it resolving to punycode…

Can you delete the CNAME and type it in again by hand, don’t copy and paste it. It may be that one of the characters you are copying it from is encoded instead of ASCII.


Thanks! Let me give that a try.

Thanks sjr! That did the trick! You’re the best thanks!


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