Specific data locality

How can we make sure that data locality of R2 and Cloudflare workers is “only in Switzerland” ?

There’s tools like https://www.cloudflare.com/data-localization/ (which I believe are Enterprise only) and I’m not aware of any jurisdictional control for R2 buckets, but similarly I am sure an Enterprise customer could get something worked out.

The model of Workers & R2 is to be global really - is there a really specific use-case or regulation that means it has to be invoked within Switzerland?

The files are only permitted by client to be in switzerland for R2

I’m not aware of R2 data being stored in Switzerland at all personally but I wouldn’t know the specifics of where the storage nodes are - you can contact the Sales team and see if that’s an option.

If you create a bucket in Europe, the data will be stored in Europe but where exactly is the information that I don’t have. There’s no strict jurisdictional controls at the moment though afaik.

Cannot we define the locality of workers or the KV storage somehow?

That is what the Data Localization Suite is.

It’ll be something you need to discuss with the sales team.

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