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Hello, I have a WP website where I do polling via a WP plugin. This plugin takes the IP of your current internet provider with PHP and converts it to the country. If I don’t turn off proxy for my server IP, the plugin shows everyone from Singapore where my server is. But I f I turn it off, i can get the data correctly. Is there a way to keep the cloudflare proxy turned on but to get the country data in my polling plugin? Kindly let me know

It makes sense, Is there an easier way to achieve this? My coding knowledge is very minimal.

Unless whatever plugin you are using has a way to directly get the IP from the Cloudflare header, no. If you’re on a managed host, perhaps they can help you with this?

I have sent emails to both cloudways and to the plugin author to find out. Thank you!

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Cloufways WAF module instantly fixed it. thanks, man.

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No problem, glad you were able to get it sorted!

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