Special considerations for repointing name from non-CDN/SSL edge proxy to CDN/SSL edge proxy w/ edge termination?

We have a name, name1, that is pointed at an internal reverse proxy server. Presently, CDN/SSL is turned off for this name.

We’ve been testing a newer internal reverse proxy server under name2. CDN/SSL is turned on, and we’re doing SSL edge termination with a Cloudflare Origin cert.

Do we need to do anything special if we want to repoint name1 to the IP address for name2, aside from changing the IP, turning on CDN/SSL, and modifying the proxy config to accept the new name?

How quickly can we expect this to take effect?

Last, what is the recommended set of encryption protocols/ciphers between Cloudflare and an SSL-terminating edge server?

Found the answer to one of my questions:

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