Spark Mail does not sync emails with Cloudflare enabled


I’m having a problem here when trying to use Spark on my Mac when Cloudflare is activated. Spark Mail does not sync emails.

I have already reviewed the DNS settings here and the only proxy that is activated are those for domains. Everything related to email is DNS only.

Do I need some kind of specific configuration for Spark Mail?

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What hostname is your Spark Mail trying to connect to? If it is using which you indicated was :orange: proxied, it won’t work.

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It was created using my [email protected] and automatically identified the server.

Is there a rule I can make to work?

What do you advise in this case?

You will need to review the detailed server settings in the account in your Spark Mail app to ensure that it is not trying to connect to the naked domain. If it is, you will need to update to use one of the :grey: DNS Only hostnames.

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If I go through the automatic configuration it should use the domains, but by removing the account and entering the server and corresponding port it works perfectly exactly by putting an address that does not have a proxy activated.


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