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Hi there. We are experiencing bot form spamming on our Word Press site. One one of our other websites we have WordFence installed which works great. Unfortunately when trying to set that up on the site having issues, it says Cloudflare is blocking me from installing it. I’m confused what the differences in security would be between our two sites which would allow one site to install WordFence but not the other. Does anyone know?

Try installing WordFence again and then check the Firewall Events page here on your Cloudflare dash. You should see an event that tells you the firewall blocked something, and it will also show you which firewall rule triggered the block. I remember doing this when I used WordFence.

I’m guessing one of your sites has more and/or stricter firewall rules in place than the other, so check that (in Cloudflare dash) and temporarily disable the rule that’s causing an issue or provide whitelisted access for the install. After it’s installed, there shouldn’t be any more problems, because it’s only the install process that triggers the firewall.

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