Spammed from whitelisted CloudFlare IP address

Hey, I have allowlisted the CF IP ranges and addresses on my servers. However, I am getting what appears to be spammed by one IP address in particular: This is happening on multiple different servers.

It appears in my logs to be “raking across” all of the domains on my hosting servers, causing the server load to peak at crazy levels - thereby causing a high load app failure within the (Apache) server and requiring a reboot to reset services.

I am not entirely certain if this is actually being caused by cloudflare, or if it is just the IP address that cloudflare is announcing. I am using mod_remoteIP. I am not sure what to do about this and looking for some advice.

Interestingly, it appears I am not alone in seeing this odd behaviour:

Report it at: Reporting abuse - Cloudflare

OK thanks. However - I don’t think that’s the right place…

That “report abuse” page appears to be to be suggesting “the website owner will be informed”. However this spam is coming from a Cloudflare system IP address - so I would think this should go to a Cloudflare abuse department?

“Because Cloudflare does not have the ability to remove content from a website, it is our practice to forward abuse complaints to entities like the hosting provider and/or website owner to follow up.”

The spam is coming from someone who is using Cloudflare - the abuse report goes to Cloudflare who then forward the abuse report to the hosting company / website owner who is is responsible for the abuse

Cloudflare is not a host, unless you use pages so the spam is coming through Cloudflare not from Cloudflare

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