SPAMMED for a year from Cloudflare hosted website

Whois lookup for SPAM website GMOs Revealed - point to Cloudflare nameservers. [Uploading: Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 10.55.59.png…]

GoDaddy would do nothing, my hosting provider told me to contact Cloudflare - anyone can verify the spam, sign up, click ‘unusubscribe’ at any time and it says you are, but you will get new emails, NOTHING happens, I’ve unsubbed 40 times - written to their support, etc. etc. etc. They do nothing.

The site is based on SPAM to maintain numbers. HOW to get it SHUT DOWN. So sick of these arsewipes.


HI @molly2, sorry for the issues. You can report the site to our Trust & Safety team, they’re the only group that can address this type of issue.

To submit an abuse report, go to The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate.


Thanks very much and will do.

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It will not let me support a ticket - says the “URL is not active on Cloudflare”


So is using Cloudflare to hide hosting provider information, and Cloudflare supports this, allows this serial spammer to spam?

The nameservers POINT to CLOUDFLARE.

So Cloudflare is spamming me.


And won’t let you make a report.


They use Cloudflare for DNS handling, nothing more, currenty. And the domain points to AWS, registrar seems to be GoDaddy.

Non-authoritative answer:
www.gmosrevealed.comcanonical name =

NetRange: -
NetName:        AMAZO-ZIAD4
NetHandle:      NET-54-208-0-0-2
Parent:         AMAZON-2011L (NET-54-208-0-0-1)
NetType:        Reallocated
OriginAS:       AS16509
Organization:, Inc. (AMAZO-4)
RegDate:        2013-03-19
Updated:        2013-03-19

So you could contact AWS abuse team as well.

I may not have gone far enough in the submission process, @molly2, the only error I received was how I entered the domain - not this,, but rather or

I’ll check for other reports of issues with the reporting form. For now, can you email support AT cloudflare DOT com, give them the site details, perhaps attach a sample mail if you have it, and ask that the Support team route it to Trust & Safety? Sorry for the troubles.

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Not your fault, thanks for all the info. And of course, just what we all want to spend our day doing… so want this site shut down.

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I’ve reported here, told to email support, have done everything, multiple times, Cloudflare is REFUSING to respond to SPAM complaint from a site whos nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare.

WTF? Who do I report Cloudflare to?

Hi @molly2,

Unfortunately, the community cannot help you in this situation. You went down the correct route if you followed this advice:


I have, just get a run around.

And won’t post here again - sorry - sent to support, they told me to post I thought here, sure I misunderstood.