SpamHaus blacklisted my site - no idea how to fix

I received an email from my hosting provider indicating that my site was blocklisted due to malware. When I spoke with them, they said there’s nothing they can do because my domain is registered with Cloudflare. I have no idea how to fix this or what to do. I don’t understand all the technical aspects of websites, I just run a blog that is going to lose traffic the longer it is down. Please help.

The domain is

PS: Can’t create a ticket because I’m not a business customer and there is no customer service line to call.

Cloudflare is neither your registrar nor your hosting provider, so I suggest that you temporarily pause Cloudflare or unproxy the DNS records, so the traffic is not being routed through Cloudflare and then try and sort out the issues together with your hosting provider.

If you already got malware on your website, you will need someone help you to get it removed. Cloudflare is not offering any antivirus software.