Spam warning re Cloudflare IP

When i have Cloudflare connected, I get an error message from Wordfence security plugin scan that Cloudflare IP is blacklisted by a spam filtering service. See: [on the CBL site]([].
When Cloudflare is temporarily paused, the spam warning does not appear.
It looks like another domain on is causing the problem. What can be done to fix this?

That should not be a problem in any case.

Spam filters and Blacklists are as far as I know just good for detecting Spam in EMAILS.
CloudFlare is just used as DNS or Proxy. But never as a Proxy for EMAILS! As you can not proxy Emails. So CloudFlare does not have anything to do with Email-related things (beside “MX” entries)

If you send some Emails you send them:

  1. via SMTP (not related to CloudFlare)
  2. via your origin Server and from its IP (not related to CloudFlare)

So this should not have any bad effect on anything.

Thanks for your reassuring reply. Wordfence support have suggested that Cloudflare might change the Cloudflare server that I am connected to so this addresses the issue to prevent the warning reappearing on the Wordfence scan report. What do you think of that suggestion?
Thanks again

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