Spam submissions not showing in my Turnstile dashboard

Hi. I recently relaunched my website using Kirby CMS, which is PHP based. I started to get spam contact form submissions, which the honeypot field was not preventing. So, I’ve added Cloudflare Turnstile but that’s not preventing the spam either.

Not being a PHP coding expert, I followed a tutorial on how to get the server-side validation working with PHP. I think it is working but I would welcome some advice on how to double-check. When I first installed Turnstile (in Managed mode), I got the verification checkbox to click. Since that first attempt, I’ve been getting the auto-verification green tick/checkmark. And now, whenever I visit my contact page, a corresponding entry appears in my Turnstile dashboard.

However, the spam submissions have continued. But what’s strange is that none of them appear in my Turnstile dashboard. For example, in the last 24 hours, I have had spam submissions at 10:56, 14:11 and 20:52 yesterday and then 00:34, 03:40 and 07:34 this morning. But the only challenges displayed in my dashboard are from approx. 13:00 yesterday and then nothing until after 09:00 this morning. Those are roughly the times I visited the page.

  • How can I double-check that Turnstile is working for me?
  • How is it possible that spam submissions are not appearing in my dashboard and are therefore presumably not being shown a challenge?

Any advice is welcome.

That page is using a test sitekey which will always pass and does not perform any validation nor is it tied to your account.

Check that the sitekey is set to the one given by your account.

Hi, @erisa-cf. I only added the test keys yesterday to investigate an issue with server-side validation. I did start with the relevant keys for my domain and the issue was the case then.