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Hi, forgive my bad English I’ll try to be understandable. I have some site that uses Cloudflare technology with a free plan at the moment. Everything seems to work perfectly, except for a small detail that is not unimportant. When in “I’m Under Attack Mode” mode, visitors receive an interstitial page of about 5 seconds, after which they access the site. Well, by checking the home page in a console in the Edge browser, the page of the site and page 503 of the challenge are displayed after the challenge. By checking various sites that have enabled it all seems normal. The problem lies in the code displayed on the page containing the challenge. After the javascript code, recisely among the <table> tags, a link is displayed that is nothing to do with the website.
An example is: <h1> <span data-translate = "checking_browser"> Checking your browser before accessing </span> test. com. </ H1>
<a href="" style="display: none;"> table </a>
<p data-translate = "process_is_automatic"> This process is automatic. Your browser will be redirected to your requested content shortly.</P>
<p data-translate = "allow_5_secs"> Please allow up to 5 seconds & hellip; </ p>.
What has been noticed by web developers is that the spam link in question changes “http: //” or “https: //” according to the site “http ://” or "https : // test. com ", cloudflare account has been changed with a new scan and new ns but the problem remains, only the name of the spam link changes. Another detail is … if you enter the name of the spam site on google is “coming soon” in the description and title “This is Title”. My question is: How is it possible to somehow insert a <a href> link on the Cloudflare interstitial page? Thanks for every possible help to investigate.


To insert custom HTML into the interstellar page, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan on the domain, as free users cannot customize the interstellar or error pages.


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