Spam email ii

Ever since signing up for I have been receiving spam emails.

I did not receive spam emails before signing up.

Help appreciated.

Are you referring to email notifications about updates/new topics on this site? Or do the emails have nothing to do with Cloudflare?

They’re unrelated to Cloudflare. Cheers.

Is there a way to find my email address from my CF Community profile?

I believe your Cloudflare Community email is the same as your Cloudflare Account email.

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I meant for other people to find my email, so they can spam me.

No, your email is not shown to other users of the Cloudflare Community.

From the Discourse preferences page.

It is likely that a website you have used in the past has suffered from a data breach that resulted in email addresses of the users being exposed.

You can check if your email (or other information) has appeared in a publicly known data breach by using Have I Been Pwned.

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OK, thanks.

That website shows no breaches so far.

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