Spam coming through into Google Analytics

I’ve started to get spam visits coming through into GA which has 100% bounce, 0 sec session duration and 1 page per visit. This is polluting my reporting.

I’ve managed to isolate the following common attributes and created a segment in GA (attached):

Screen Resolution: contains “1280x960”
Browser: contains “Chrome”
Language: contains “en-us”
Screen Colors: contains “24-bit”
Default Channel Grouping: contains "Direct

My question is - how can I block this using Cloudflare as it’s clear this is spam or bot traffic?

If you can find out what the user agent is or if they share the same IP or whatever you could block that with Cloudflare’s Firewall Rules.

You can make a Firewall Rule to block traffic like so:

Unfortunatly Google Analytics just shows me things like Browser Type, Browser Version and that is varied for this spam traffic.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to “build” a firewall rule using the attributes above?

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