Spam Bots Continue to Come

Hello there. In my previous article, I asked for help to prevent organic spam hits expect my country.

I used the Country Blocking rule and Threat Score (5). I was blocking direct.

I’ve noticed that I’ve blocked 90% of those spam hits before. But now they started again. Similarly, spam hits continue to come and I don’t know what to do now.

This spam hitler as if every page of my site with different algorithms to visit the bots. They’re browsing all the pages.

Can you help me?

I also noticed that when I joined the Cloudflare network my spam comments started to grow. I’ve been checking every day for that. What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

If someone is spamming your site, there are usually plugins that help with this.

Are you saying I should use a plugin to block spam hits?
So which one of them will make me stop these spam hits?

Hits, or spam? There’s a big difference. For spam comments, Akismet is a decent anti-spam service. There are others, but I haven’t done much research since Akisment has been working well enough for me.

I’m talking about an average of 200 hits per day that enters my web page. Comments are not important I’m already using Akismet.

Organic Spam Bots my real problem.

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