Spam backlinks from cloudflare hosted sites please help

Hey from last 3 weeks i’ve started getting backlinks from cloudflare hosted sites which don’t even exist. Initially I ignored it but now my google ranking falling down and i have lost around 75% of total traffic. My site address is hindiyaar which is connected to cloudflare for cdn purpose. I am getting backlinks from such sites like kwalai. com, bhints. com, bellaesa. net, eddiecheever. net, nationaldayofreconciliation. com etc. more than 100+ sites are there & i think it is because of cloudflare. These spam sites doesn’t even open and hosted on cloudflare. I would be very happy if you help me because my livelihood depend on it.

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If you believe there is abuse you can report a site at but thats about it. Placing a link is nothing illegal per se.

Hello heyankitjha, did you send an Abuse request and get an answer?

I have exactly the same problem, already for about 1 year. Meanwhile, I have over 11,000 of these spam links from various sites. The ones mentioned above are also included.

My ranking on Google has also fallen completely.

@sandro You are right, links are not automatically illegal. But in this case, the landing page takes damage. And it’s not just about the links, but also copyright. All images on the mentioned websites are stolen. And there is one link per picture.

As heyankitjha already wrote, the pages are usually not open. There is only one sales page from GoDaddy. But Google can index it. The “big ones” already have more than 500,000 in the index and hourly new ones are added.

You can actually only see the page through the Google cache.

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Brother did you disavow the link in google console ? have you seen any spike in traffic after after

Yes, that is months ago and there are no changes in the rankings / traffic.

How much % traffic you lost ?

Round about 70% in organic search and 20% in image search the last 8 month

When i saw the cached version of the pages it indicates that all links are nofollow then why google considering these links while giving ranking. Do you have any idea ?

Yes, they are all nofollow. I have no idea why Google does not just ignore it. I think that’s just too many of them and too fast. I have about 200 normal links and 11k spam.

Another domain has also fallen. The domain also includes many images and the amount of spam is very high. 4k normal links + 8k spam.

I do not have the problem with other domains, but there it is only 15% spam.

What do you think who is behind this ? I mean they all are similar to each other & making a big spam network. If you notice most of them using cloudflare and i’m in doubt may be they are targeting all sites hosted on cloudflare. As you said you are facing this since one year so you might have deeply researched on this. Did you find anything which can help us or the origin of cause ?

No, unfortunately I did not find anything. All pages are delivered via Cloudflare and somehow pass on to GoDaddy. The hosters themselves are different, around the world, but mostly USA, Canada, India, Romania. Each WHOIS with Privacy Protection.

The victim pages are all pages with many pictures and front positions in the picture search. It does not matter if the site itself is on Cloudflare or not. From my sides it is only one (CDN), the others not.

And, the spam pages are not only in English. They use current search terms and current events. In my case, the URLs of the pages are all German, I’m from Germany.

And the domains themselves are actually all expired domains, at least most. But these are known personalities or institutions.

eddiecheever -> former F1 racer
kwalai -> singer

Guys, we are slowly but steadily heading towards off-topic. The forum here is intended for Cloudflare related topics, if you believe a site is in violation of Cloudflare’s ToS please report it at aforementioned site. Otherwise I’d like to invite you to take the discussion to a Google related forum or to a private discussion.

@sandro ok sry it was serious issue so we didn’t care much. @silvester is there any way to contact you apart from forum ? like facebook, instagram id or something

Sorry @sandro . This is really not a support request, but an open discussion, sorry.

But I actually think that’s right here, because all the domains have in common is Cloudflare. Other data is not public.

“please report it at aforementioned site”

I’ve already done that,

But you’re right, that does not belong here. Sorry.

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