Spam and Phishing from Cloudflare Servers

I receive a massive amount of spam and phishing emails daily from Cloudflare’s servers.
please stop!
Cloudflare’s whistleblower system is flawed in requiring an evidence link to be provided. Obviously this link doesn’t point to a Cloudflare server, it points to somewhere else. in this case, it is not possible to file a complaint.
But the emails are coming through the Cloudflare server.

Here’s an example:

Received: from . colegioritadecassia .com [])
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 4LjdXV44dWz2n0
Important Dates

Expires On


Registered On


Updated On


Name Servers


[]( whois-ip/ip-address/

[]( /whois-ip/ ip-address/

That one is not coming from Cloudflare. It even says so: Received from

% host domain name pointer

While that domain uses Cloudflare for authoritative DNS, it’s using a Russian host to send its spam.

Here’s their abuse contact info:

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Where is Cloudflare involved here?

Cloudflare has no features that allow you to send emails - this is unrelated to Cloudflare, just because someone’s domain uses Cloudflare for DNS doesn’t mean any of Cloudflare’s servers are sending you email.

Russian IP associated to DZHIBIENHOST

Report it to them if necessary, or their domain registrar at [email protected]

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