Spam abuse report

Hello, We have got this email today
I fully do not understand what this may be related to. In this regard, I have the following questions

  1. What could be the reason for that? We are related with any kind of spam.
  2. What steps to take to restore domain status? Except to following the link provided in the letter.
  3. What are the consequences and how serious is it?

Cloudflare received an abuse report regarding:

Below is the report we received:
Reporter’s Name: Cloudflare Domain Categories
Reporter’s Email Address: [email protected]

Reported URLs: URL

Logs or Evidence of Abus: Cloudflare has been made aware that a domain managed in your account has been categorized by our 3rd party vendor as being in the following category: Spam
If you disagree with this categorization of your domain please request a review using this web form:***
A copy of this report has also been sent to your hosting provider for review under their policies.

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