Spain store with all the traffic of Singapore

Hi, we have limited the country Singapore (SP) in Plesk since we have seen in Cloudflare in Top Traffic Countries / Regions Previous 24 hours Country/Region Traffic Singapore 7,750,241.

Our clients are from Spain and Singapore still has a lot of traffic despite having blocked it from Plesk. Our Shop REDACTED Thanks in advanced.

How can we block Singapore on a Cloudflare PRO account? We have tried it from Plesk and Singapore (SP) still has a lot of traffic.

Could be crawlers and scrapper bots trying to grab information such as price and more for your products, or overwhelm/empty your warehouse.
Seems you’re shop is interesting to someone :thinking:

Since using a Pro plan, just in case, I’d suggest you to double-check your Security options and fine-tunning them.

There is also Bot Fight Mode too and other tools like IP Access Rules, etc.
Double-check the Security → Events tab and block suspicious ASNs.
Consider configuring the Rate Limiting feature too.

Useful resources from the posts linked here:

If the DNS records (hostname) like and/or www or any other sub-domain related is proxied :orange: , you should be able to block the country or multiple countries with a single WAF Rule.

Screenshot of the example - block all the requests and traffic to your domain name from Spain and Singapore:

Helpful article with the step-by-step instructions how to block a country using a WAF Rule at Cloudflare (any plan type):

Thank you all very much, I have finally activated the tab " Definitely automated

Definitely automated traffic typically consists of bad bots. Select an action for this traffic."

Cloudflare has many advanced options that we don’t understand, but if you still have a lot of traffic from Singapore we continue testing your options. It is a luxury to have such quality and fast help, thank you very much!

Hi, I also block in ASNs country CN, this is their data:

AS number



Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited





Domain count:


Top domains



1 to 10 of 114 items

I had to disable “Bad bots” since payment with Bizum and Card did not work

I have tried the solution of blocking Singapore from a Waf rule as you mentioned.