South America Problem?

My services is alternating in UP and Down.

Any problema in South America Brazil?

Curitiba is currently re-routed but you shouldn’t see any impact because of this.

What’s the exact issue?

My problem is… I have a web site, and the web site is alterating in UP and Down.

I have a Balance configured with this web site for two internet links.

Internet links OK
VM with web site ok ( Internal acess OK )

Only if i access from the problem appear.

I have a monitor configured in a for this website, and this service acuse the problem.

This domain is configured to use Cloudflare, but ‘portal’ is set to :grey: and resolving to an IP address starting with 200. When I first tried to Access that Page i received “err_name_not_resolved”.

What’s the error message from Uptime Robot or your browser when it ‘doesnt work’?

Please also post the DNS configuration for that Subdomain and probably the Cloudflare LB config. Blurr out any of your IPs if you like.

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@MarkMeyer, am I missing something or shouldnt a non-proxied record not involve Cloudflare at all? So any LB configuration would be void too and that would be the usual origin issue. Anything I am blatantly missing? :slight_smile:

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Good morning people!

Thanks for everyone’s help, but I managed to identify the problem. The problem was happening with the public IP’s and internet link of the contracted operator. I migrated the services to another link that is stable, and opened a call with the operator with the problem.

Thanks to all for your help!

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