Source Country IP Geolocation in Network Policies

Is Source Country IP Geolocation supported in Network Policies? If so, what is the proper way to configure the policy? Do I use United States or US to specify the country?

Example of country codes

Thanks for the reply. That answers the question concerning the format. Do you know if this is supported in the Zero Trust Network policies? I’m doing some testing and I have configured a policy to block access to RDP to a destination IP with the source country geolocation set to US (I’m in the US). However, the access is not being blocked. Have anyone gotten this to work?

if someone access your website from usa that can be blocked not the other way.

Maybe what I’m trying to accomplish isn’t supported as a use case of the Source Country IP Geolocation. If someone on staff travels to a foreign country, we wanted to put a policy in place that blocks them accessing port 3389 on the servers through the routed private network tunnel.