SOS! My site hasn't worked for 24 hours. - INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND


I set all parameters according to the instructions of my provider for Cloud Flare. My site for all requests issues an error (from IE) - A temporary DNS error occurred. Try refreshing the page.
1-Status Active Certificate
2-Page URL - ON*
Forwarding URL: (Status Code: 301 • Permanent Redirect, Url:$1)*
Always Use HTTPS


I tried the IP you are using for your origin server but there doesn’t appear to be anything there. I think your rules are setup correctly (though you no longer need to burn a rule to force HTTPS…since it’s now a settings option under Crypto), but there appears to be an issue at your origin.


I didn’t get an answer within 36 hours, I removed the rules and I turned off the HTTPS protocol everywhere.