Sort of conflict with Google?

Newly, I experience a weird issue on my website: when CF is active Google cannot fetch or retrieve any files and I should pause CF to let Google update the sitemap or index images or documents. I use CF free plan and no special rules are set for firewall or other parts, also disabling firewall or development mode couldn’t help. Other search engines like Bing have no such a problem. I really need help solving the issue.

You didn’t post the specific error, but others have:

The exact code of error is 403. Regarding posts in mentioned url I’ve found that it would be an issue in very core of CF firewall, kinda related to 100035.

Here is a so-so solution for premium users:

I found Googlebot IP ranges and tried to whitelist them, but no chance for free plan. Hope CF staffs do something ASAP.

Many people have the same issue mostly during recent months, I think it’s serious. For instance:

I hope CF cope with the problem.

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Found no solution at last, except quit using CloudFlare :cry:

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