"Sorry You've Been Blocked" wp-config

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yes, including here in the community and also in the tutorial which may not be updated

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This only happens with wp-config.php file of my Wordpress website. I can’t either download, edit or view this file on my cpanel. When I try to download it, nothing happens, the download never starts, and when I try to view or edit the file, I get the “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” screen.

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Have you tried the suggestion in the Community Tutorial, to change the action from Block to Managed Challenge?

Another alternative is to create a WAF Exception for this rule, perhaps exempting your IP address or some other pattern.

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Hi cbrandt, thank you for answering so quickly. How do I do any of those options?
I’m on a free plan btw.

If you are on a Free Plan, you cannot edit WAF Managed Rules. You should try to find a way to set your cpanel to read this file locally. Ask your hosting provider support about this.

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