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Hi everyone, I’m having trouble with my website. I cannot access to source of website to turn off the cloudfare. Anyone have solutions for this issue please? Please help me. Thank you.

Hello there,

What’s the site? Are you the owner? If so, are you able to login?

Can you share a screenshot of this error?

yes i’m the owner of website. I hired a dev to develop the website on wordpress. But now it has been blocked. Can not contact with the dev anymore.

Here is the error on my website. Please help me.

That is not Cloudflare. That is malware that has infected your site. Your web site has been compromised by an attacker. You will need to hire someone to clean it up and repair it. If you don’t have good backups, you may even need to rebuild your site.


I cannot access to Wordpress to recover my data. Is this the only way is rebuild the website?

As pointed out; your website has been compromised and the message that’s shown is a vague attempt to impersonate Cloudflare by some malware.

You will need to disinfect your website to continue using it (or just restore a backup that isn’t compromised).

In any case; your issue is out of the scope of Cloudflare and the community, you miiiight get some assistance if somebody has experienced something similar but, I’d advice asking for help elsewhere.


Thank you all for your support.

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