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Hello, I have no idea why I was blocked from the site. After hours of emailing with support, he told me that it wasn’t from your site and that I should contact Cloudflare
Excerpt from an email from support:
We’ve checked this and it doesn’t appear that this restriction is enforced on our end - you’ll need to get in touch with Cloudflare regarding this issue
maybe I can be helped here

Please post a screenshot of the block page.

Good news and bad news When I made the request to Cloudflare it was already the middle of the night in Germany and then I went to sleep and when I woke up this morning everything was working again so no more blocks on the page and one Unfortunately, I didn’t take a screenshot. The only thing I have left is the Cloudflare Ray ID: 874fc9a26dda4156 from the page that was blocked yesterday. If that helps in the future, it’s very strange. I apologize for the work that has been done and I also have to apologize for it sorry for my bad english it comes from a translator so you can delete my query on the page?

kind regards

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