Sorry, You Have Been Blocked (Unable To Access File Manager Via Panel)

Hi, my website is using a panel to managing a websites. In that panel, i’m able to upload/edit/remove file through “File Manager” feature.

But unfortunately i had a problem when trying to edit via File Manager (although I just want to download a file), the error is showing like this :

“Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access

I’m checking on the Security Overview menu, and found that my ip address is blocked with a “Managed Rules (new)”

The problem is, i’m using a free Cloudflare. I’m not able to edit or add a WAF Managed Rules

After that, I’m trying to add a WAF rules to “Allow” my IP address. Actually, i want to add “bypass” rules from “managed rules (new)”, but no such option. And give them to first priority.

But apparently, it doesn’t give any effect. My ip is still blocked by Cloudflare.

To be honest, this is a really amazing feature. Even I don’t know that someone can accessing my website through backdoor like this.

I really impressed with this feature, because without doing anything my web is safe from backdoor traffic. But, how can I solve this problem? I just want to whitelist my IP? Please anyone help, thanks.

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We have to be patient and look around for any possible temporary solution.


Great answer! I just know that IP Acess Rules is higher priority than WAF. Now I can edit files through panel. Thanks for help!

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