Sorry, you have been blocked message from Cloudlfare

I have the " Sorry, you have been blocked" message from Cloudflare while editing a form on our bespoke site, via the dashboard which is a secure, passowrd protected, part of the site. Most editing is fine.

Following the posts on here I have isolated the following from the Firewall events page on cloudflare:

I just need to tell Cloudlfare to allow posts from there, which is strongly password protected. /admin/php/edit_section.php

But can’t see how. Thanks

You’d need to create an exception in whatever setting you created that’s blocking access.

If you scroll down that screen, you should see the event, plus the setting that’s blocking it.

Hopefully it’s a Firewall Rule. You can create the exception as an earlier Firewall Rule. Adjust as needed:


Thanks, got it

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Sorry, missed the post bit. Apologies

Nope. I’ve copied your settings exactly, but still blocked

Ah! That’s what I was looking for. Blocked by the WAF. That must mean you’re on a paid plan.

Try changing the “Allow” to a “Bypass (for WAF Managed Rules)”

Not there yet I’m afraid, still blocked. My settings:-


This is a good mystery. Other than trying a Page Rule for that URL with a reduced Security Setting, I’m not sure what else to try. Maybe another @MVP has an idea.

There’s an extra space in front of the URL. The Firewall will match the string literally so please be careful on that.


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