"Sorry, you have been blocked" for no reason?

I was attempting to open a wiki page that I use very frequently and was met with “Sorry, you have been blocked” for seemingly no reason. I had used this website, miraheze.org, multiple days prior with no issues, and was suddenly blocked yesterday.
I’m not sure how to fix this as I have no way of contacting the website’s owner as the message suggests. Incognito does not fix this and I own no VPNs to bypass it. I’m not familiar with cybersecurity so I have no idea what any of the triggers mean but, as far as I’m aware, I’ve done nothing to trigger them.
The resulting Ray ID was: 8793408e9a56749f, I greatly appreciate any help in advance. If you can, please try and explain the issue like I’m five because this seems to be way beyond my understanding lol.

They have configured their Cloudflare settings to block you. You will have to contact them in order to resolve it, you have the ray ID which is good. I suggest contacting them over social media, try a Google search. It appears they have a few.


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