"Sorry, you have been blocked" - Firewall is off and no events were recorded


Hi there,

I’ve been using CF for almost 3 years and this is the first time I’m having a strange issue. My users are complaining they’re seeing a “Sorry, you have been blocked” page when trying to access certain pages of my WP site. They see no “challenge”. They emailed me screenshots with “Cloudflare Ray ID: 4376bb31d9e35e9a” etc.

However, IP Firewall is on its default config (whitelist for All your websites), Web Application Firewall is off and there are NO recent events in “Firewall Events”. I tried to put the Security Level in “Essentially off”, but no luck. So my users are being randomly blocked and I have zero clue of what’s going on.

Does anyone has any tip of something I could be missing?



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