Sorry, you have been blocked - Cloudflare Ray ID

One of our client websites is showing a Cloudflare " Sorry, you have been blocked" error page.

Here is what we know about when it occurs:

  • The frontend of the site is loading just fine

  • The error appears when trying to save changes in the CMS Control Panel

  • The sites is using the CMS ExpressionEngine, so assuming that when the “Save” button is hit and it interacts with the database is when something is triggered that Cloudflare does not like

We would like to investigate the Cloudflare Ray ID: 846fa5bdfe0a26e1 but since we are not using any CF firewall rules on this site or managing the site in CF at all, we are unsure how to get more insight.

The site is hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet managed with Laravel Forge.
Can someone help me understand how I can further investigate the issue?

Thank you!

here is a screenshot of the error

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You can search for that RayID in your Cloudflare WAF security events log. You may need to generate a new RayID depending on how long your account retains those logs. The log entry for that RayID should include the reason that it blocked the connection. You can use that information to create rules to allow the connection in the future.

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