Sorry, empty error looks like content type Breakdown is returning 304 or 404

My website has a lot of empty queries.

As I don’t understand the empty query link on my website is returning 304 or 301 or 404.

Can anyone tell me what the empty query link is?


That’s the “empty” Content Type, not query link.

If your webserver returns no Content-Type header, or an empty Content-Type header (both usually not a good idea) you will see that.

If you click on it you should be able to view which URLs are returning an empty Content-Type.

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Thank you,

I’ve been doing a lot of research these days.

As I still have not found a way to completely solve the above situation.

According to this image, I know the cause of empty error with 499 on my website.

Like how can I know exactly which IP has visited the website causing this error to stop?

It’s not about which IP has visited.

Somewhere on your site (a path) there’s an empty Content Type header being returned. If you hover over the Content Type on that page and click Fiter you should be able to view which path(s) it is.

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I have filtered all the information.
Result as picture.

As I still don’t understand why this link is empty.
It is also not possible to know which IP was intentionally accessed to make this link empty.

This is a 304 Not Modified response.

304 Not Modified responses indicate that a file is cached in a visitor’s local browser and as such, no (empty as you see on the Cloudflare Dashboard) Content-Type is expected.

There is no reason to worry here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank mcfadyen,
Can you help me further?
I know in Cloudflare it is possible to block 1 country.
In Vietnam I want to block all IPs originating from Hanoi.
Can I do it in Cloudflare?
If so can you just help me?

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