Sophos+Cloudflare DDNS how

Sophos has desided to shutdown their DDNS service and I need to get another DDNS for my network. My domain and webpages is hosted by another provider. I have no clue what is the DNS used by provider.

Sophos XG DDNS Cloudflare option setup asks for Global API key. I have now registered to Cloudflare and learned how to do (custom) API keys. But I am still wondering how to manage this through properly.

Some questions:

  1. Can I set in Cloudflare subdomain when main domain is pointing “somewhere” which I do not know (until I asks it from provider or find it from their setup pages) ?

Like: → pointing to my webpages hosted by provider X
Like: → DDNS service pointing to site-to-site VPN service of the firewall in my summer house with dynamic DNS.
Like: → DDNS pointing to VPN service of my home

  1. Feeding the info to Sophos is very simple (only email and API). Now I just need to create API. Any detailed instructions how to do it? There seems to be “too many options” for setup and a bit steep learing curve for simple purpose.

This would the best way to do it using my own domain. Another option naturally is using free DDNS services like noip and but still my own domain with Cloudflare would be optimal.

Sophos DDNS is shutting down day after tomorrow and I need to setup replacement before that.

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