Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)

Sophisticated IVT is a bit tricky to catch and eliminate. This traffic is designed to mimic human behavior and cause fraud. How Cloudflare can detect and help websites (publishers) identify and prevent this kind of traffic?

  1. Cloudflare offers firewall rules that can trigger a “challenge”, which is a Google ReCaptcha. The only real way to get around this is to pay click farms, and even then Google is (probably) smart enough to deal with it.
  2. Enterprise customers currently can request access to the “Bot Management” beta which uses the scale of the CF network to identity bots very effectively, and then your website or Cloudflare can take action based on how the likelihood of the HTTP request coming from a bot.
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Bot Management is only available for enterprise customers? Will it ever be available for Business Plan customers?


Currently the beta is only available to enterprise customers (by the looks of it). Once it’s out of beta, the pricing structure/availability will be more concrete and it will likely be available to lower plans.

Is there an option to integrate companies like WhiteOps and Pixalate in Cloudflare?

With Cloudflare Apps and Workers, it’s definitely possible, but I don’t believe the companies you mentioned “WhiteOps” or “Pixelate” themselves want/have their services on the Cloudflare Apps marketplace.


Can they directly integrated at website level. Will Cloudflare have any know issues with them?

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