Sometimes traffic stop from country

I have a domain config on cloudflare for years but in this last two months time to time the traffic just stop from country PT and if use a web proxy from other location i access well and just turn off proxy and all run fine from PT country next day i turn proxy on and run fine… anyone have ideia what is going on to traffic block from a country the server don’t have csf so is strange

What error happens for PT users?

no page error from cloudflare only browser error like ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR or connection time out
and chrome load load… i have to turn off proxy to get country traffic again

If you’ve enabled HTTP3/QUIC in the Network tab, maybe turning it off will stop the problem.

just do that turn off and turn on proxy e same problem only tomorrow should work :frowning:

never happen such thing only on this domain

Anyone with some point to this problem?

this so strange … after turn on proxy on domain stop again after hours …domain keep receive traffics from other coutrys but from PTno response … no error from proxy …just browser timeout… what could be?

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